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A construction company like no other

Renovations are simple right? Just buy something it and install it. How that couldn't be father from the truth.

Any renovation requires just as planning and forethought as it does actual hands on work. Figure 8 Renovations is rare find in it's field as it is a syndication of two people from different walks of life and skill sets. Co-owners Mike Djuff and Gordon Hoglund have been friends since 2001; scheming and dreaming about how to make their mark on the world. Starting in 2016 they decided to start renovating houses together for the purpose of resale. In order to be successful in this endeavor you need both great supply chain and great installation. This is were they differ from other renovation companies. Figure 8 focus' just as much attention on the supply side of the equation as the install devoting countless hours into finding the highest quality materials and trades at the fairest prices. This has led to additional volume based benefits from years of established relationships with sub trades and suppliers.


Our Services

Interior/Exterior Renovations

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We offer competitive pricing for any renovation you can think of!


Renovation to maximize resale

Using Gordon's years of Real Estate design and marketing experience. We know where and how much capital to put into your home to maximize it's return on the market.

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